Monday, July 1, 2013

left my heart in san francisco

I love traveling. I may be one of the rare people that their hearts starts racing as I drive up to the airport, all the chaos always me get butterflies. This latest adventure was to visit my younger sister. She lives in the heart of the city right in the Marina. I flew in Wednesday night and since my lovely sister works normal office hours I had two days of adventure to myself.

I spent Thursday walking around the Marina Bay. My advice for traveling in a new city is to walk around as long as your feet will last you. You get to see so many details that you miss if you drive everywhere. Also if you happen to go to San Francisco like I did, you'll get a good workout in climbing all the hills!

Second piece of advice is to wander and get a little lost. I tend to do that whether I'm trying to or not, but it's a great way to go off the beaten path. I even stopped a few people asking for directions that lead to some decent conversations.

Lastly I recommend you to see live music. Even if it's a band you've seen before, getting yourself out of your element with a new crowd completely changes the experience. Mumford and Sons were playing in Berkley, which is only a few minutes away. Of course having a band like Mumford and Sons  in town when you are also visiting is rare, but check out local venues to see who's playing. Sometimes the best concerts are one's that you don't anything about the band, and it's all about the moment.

All in all I love traveling because it gives you a chance to see, experience, and learn new things. I feel like San Francisco is such a great city and I can't wait to go back. Getting to see my little sister and other friends were a bonus. ;)

XO, Jax

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