Monday, November 4, 2013

diy: gold (or any color, really) 'dipped' champagne flutes

I was searching for an engagement gift for a very special couple and after lots of thought I decided handmade was the way to go!

My husband and I had received a very special set of champagne flutes as a gift for our engagement and after using them to toast many wedding planning accomplishments, our actual wedding night, one year anniversary and even just "cheers-ing" to make a regular old night special, I realized just how meaningful that gift has become to us. I set out to pass on the same sentiment by spicing up a pair of champagne flutes for our newly engaged friends!

I found the tutorial for these here by Erica of HonestlyWTF. Amazing blog...definitely check it out :) 

Here are some pictures of my DIY experience... 

Cheers darlings!

Friday, October 25, 2013

weekend things

Happy Friday, everyone! Here are some things to keep you occupied this happy fall weekend...

Wear this or this!

Embrace a little DIY with this...(we tried another blogger's version, post coming soon!)

Make this indulgent treat

Read this (because who doesn't love the Olsen twins?!)

 If you haven't already, check this out because it's almost here!!!

And raise a glass of bubbly to celebrate this fairly new (4th annual this year), but obviously needed "holiday"!

Cheers, darlings!


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

fall trend: coated jeans

fall trend: coated jeans

I'm kind of inspired to pick up a pair of wax coated skinnies this fall and edge my ordinary denim look! What do you think?

Paige Denim jeans

Current/Elliott shorts

Madewell jeans

Old Navy red stretch jeans

Mineral lipstick

Autumn tree

 Cheers, darlings!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

tea party

Jax and her housemates planned a lovely Sunday afternoon tea party to get all us ladies together a couple weeks ago. Stunningly simple d├ęcor, cozy tea bar, scrumptious food and delicious sangria made this afternoon one to remember. Not to mention, the perfect company to spend the afternoon with! ;)

Whipped goat cheese and fig crostini. Recipe from The Glitter Guide
Amazing lemon bars, courtesty of Jax's mom!
Candid moment our friend Brooke captured as I chatted with friends and Jax snapped pictures of the delicious spread.
Cheers darlings!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

paddle board and yoga experimentation

 I had a thought that if I'm mildly good at yoga and I can stand up on a paddle board, then I should  be able to do paddle board yoga. In reality it was not so simple, but it was a lot of fun. We rented a few foam paddle boards from the local rental place and after using them for basic stand up, we got creative.

 Alex is naturally bendy and does yoga semi-reguarly. That is my justification of why she could do this and I couldn't :)
 Cristina and Alex used there synchro duet skills for synchro padle board yoga (the next big thing)

Over all I felt so relaxed and centered because using the paddle boards make you use your entire core. Getting experimental and silly made it fun. Go out and enjoy the last few days of warm weather and try out paddle board yoga, even if you just end up standing it's worth it.

XO, Jax

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

anniversary brunching

Details: Shorts- J.Crew Outlet, Top-MICHAEL Michael Kors via Nordstrom, Shoes-Steve Madden Loafers (old, but I found them here), Watch-MICHELE via Nordstrom, Bracelets-assorted, Sunglasses-Anthropologie, Lipstick-Aqualillies for Tarte in Timeless

Pulled together, but relaxed outfit for brunching with my husband, courtesy if my Dad, on our 1 year wedding anniversary!


Friday, August 23, 2013

paper wedding anniversary: oh the places you'll go...

My husband and I just celebrated our one year wedding anniversary and we decided to stick to tradition and follow the list of traditional anniversary gifts. If you don't know what I'm talking about, check this list out (we are doing traditional, not modern). We thought it would be a fun way to force each other to think out of the box and get creative with our gifts giving!

The first anniversary is 'paper' and with some help of some friends and my mom, I hatched the idea to give Tyler a map that marked places that held special significance to us (home, wedding site, honeymoon), places we have been together, and places that we wish to travel to someday. I started with just the US (hopefully a matching world one will be finished soon) is how I put it together!

Note: This is not framed because I knew the hubbs would be particular about the frame so he is picking that part out ;) Also, this semi-DIY had some cases of trial and error so please bear with me!

 Materials used...notes: 1-- super glue DID NOT work well to glue the cork tiles together. The glue just seeped into the cork. I think E6000 or hot glue would have worked BEST. I used a combination of rubber cement and tacky spray because I couldn't find my glue gun. 2--I had to buy two of the same map because Hawaii and Alaska were printed on the back and I needed to cut them out. Maps are COPYRIGHTED so do not try to get them copied at Kinko's or anywhere else....they CANNOT do it.
While the glue on the cork tiles was drying, I placed duct tape over the seams to help hold them together.
 Once the tiles dried, I glued the map** 
 to the tiles with the tacky spray. The cork tiles are fairly thin, so mid project I decided to attach the whole thing to foam board. Remove your duct tape and attach cork tile board to foam board.
Once they've sufficiently dried, add your pins and/or flags!
Finished product! Now all we need are some frames!

**I purchased one copy of the map from Barnes and Noble and one copy plus all of the pins at the website linked above. 

Cheers darlings!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

bloggers we read.

I've been hooked on these blogs almost as much as I've been hooked on Breaking Bad (had to throw that in there) These blogs are witty, inspired, and a seriously great read.
Here are my top blogs of the moment in no particular order:
1.The ManRepeller
-High fashion sometimes isn't so Man-Friendly, but it is beautiful. The woman behind the ManRepeller is seriously entertaining and oh-so witty.
2.Mr. Kate-
 A DIY queen/Fashionista/Awesome human. I love her outlook on life, and her posts are always a must-read.

3.Peace Love Shea-
 LA born and raised, she has a cool style. I love her editorial style photoshoots
4.Spicy Stiletto
She mixes food and fashion...need I say more??
5.The Sartorilalist
The photographer captures beautiful street style from places all around the world, inspiring both fashion and travel.
6.Cupcakes and Cashmere
Another food/fashion combo blog. But she is definitely not like the rest. Each post is done with such care and intent, it's always a great read.
Inspiration blog, is  like a daily post of the best inspiration boards out there. Always kind of random but have a common theme.

8.Honestly... WTF
This one is just great. Love everything about this lifestyle blog, just check it out and you'll see what I mean.
 Photo credit to their respective blogs.
XO, Jax

Thursday, August 15, 2013

everyone loves a throwback

I've noticed (I'm sure you have too) that Thursdays are swarmed with grainy pictures of childhoods that were taken of real film cameras and those epic parties from a few years ago that you just want to relive. For those of you who have been living under a rock, #TBT or Throw Back Thursday is when you post and old photo on social media. I for one love it, it reminds me of sitting at my grandparents house looking through their old photo albums.
Here's a little TBT for Lively Jax, after all it's been ten years of friendship.
One of our groups favorite photos.
 Team Prayer before we swam Zodiac at Nationals

 Me "baptizing" Hannah into "California-ism" I know suuuper cool.

 Darkside is still one of my favorite group of people
First day of freshman year at Ohio State

Football Game

We traveled to NYC and had to stop at Tiffany's

 RAQ reunion at Colligates

 Avertt Wedding
Some of these photos are adorable, some ridiculous, and some will probably get me in trouble with Hannah....all worth it in honor of #TBT
XO, Jax