Tuesday, August 20, 2013

bloggers we read.

I've been hooked on these blogs almost as much as I've been hooked on Breaking Bad (had to throw that in there) These blogs are witty, inspired, and a seriously great read.
Here are my top blogs of the moment in no particular order:
1.The ManRepeller
-High fashion sometimes isn't so Man-Friendly, but it is beautiful. The woman behind the ManRepeller is seriously entertaining and oh-so witty.
2.Mr. Kate-
 A DIY queen/Fashionista/Awesome human. I love her outlook on life, and her posts are always a must-read.

3.Peace Love Shea-
 LA born and raised, she has a cool style. I love her editorial style photoshoots
4.Spicy Stiletto
She mixes food and fashion...need I say more??
5.The Sartorilalist
The photographer captures beautiful street style from places all around the world, inspiring both fashion and travel.
6.Cupcakes and Cashmere
Another food/fashion combo blog. But she is definitely not like the rest. Each post is done with such care and intent, it's always a great read.
Inspiration blog, is  like a daily post of the best inspiration boards out there. Always kind of random but have a common theme.

8.Honestly... WTF
This one is just great. Love everything about this lifestyle blog, just check it out and you'll see what I mean.
 Photo credit to their respective blogs.
XO, Jax

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