Thursday, August 15, 2013

everyone loves a throwback

I've noticed (I'm sure you have too) that Thursdays are swarmed with grainy pictures of childhoods that were taken of real film cameras and those epic parties from a few years ago that you just want to relive. For those of you who have been living under a rock, #TBT or Throw Back Thursday is when you post and old photo on social media. I for one love it, it reminds me of sitting at my grandparents house looking through their old photo albums.
Here's a little TBT for Lively Jax, after all it's been ten years of friendship.
One of our groups favorite photos.
 Team Prayer before we swam Zodiac at Nationals

 Me "baptizing" Hannah into "California-ism" I know suuuper cool.

 Darkside is still one of my favorite group of people
First day of freshman year at Ohio State

Football Game

We traveled to NYC and had to stop at Tiffany's

 RAQ reunion at Colligates

 Avertt Wedding
Some of these photos are adorable, some ridiculous, and some will probably get me in trouble with Hannah....all worth it in honor of #TBT
XO, Jax

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