Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bay to Breakers

Sometimes I feel like I am a part-time San Francisco resident. With a short flight and staying with my sister, Cristina, I feel like I've grown to love the city by the sea. This last trip was to conquer another fear of mine....running long distances. I know a 10K is no marathon but to me, it might as well be.

Bay to Breakers was originally started to lift spirits after the San Francisco earthquake and has been a tradition ever since. Cristina, Barb, Andrew and I ran this past weekend and in Bay to Breakers style dressed up in costume. The three girls were the three blind mice and Andrew, for arguments sake, was the cheese.
Tour Guide baba ready to tackle San Francisco

Trolley ride was the calm before the storm

Blind mice struggling to find the camera

We found a nudie, it is Bay to Breakers after all

The rest of the weekend was filled with brunches that turned to lunches, cannolies in the park, and some inspirational sister talks. Very glad that we were able to cross off another adventure on the to-do list.

Adventure is always out there!