Tuesday, July 30, 2013

DIY project - bedside table

I’m usually not the craftiest gal but the other day I got the DIY bug! It all started with this sad, split pea soup colored side table from Home Goods that I decided was in need of a serious revamping. Our house kind of has a shabby chic beach vibe so I wanted to give the table that same feel. It was a super easy project to accomplish and about three hours and under fifteen dollars later our home had a stylish new addition! The only problem is that because it was so fun, I now want to repaint and distress every piece of furniture in our house. Probably should refrain...

What you’ll need:
       * An old piece of furniture
       * 2 different colors of paint (1 light and 1 dark)
    * Paint brushes
       * A couple sheets of sand paper
     * Vaseline

Step 1: Paint all of the corners/edges with a darker base coat. This is the color you want to peak through. I used a dark brown acrylic paint but you can really do any color you want. You don’t have to be exact in this application because the topcoat will cover it up. Let dry completely!

Step 2: Wipe Vaseline all along those edges and corners. This prevents the topcoat from sticking to the basecoat and will make it easier to distress. 

Step 3: Apply at least one or two layers of topcoat paint to the entire piece of furniture. I again used a white acrylic paint but I’m sure a spray paint would work fine too. Let these layers dry completely!

Step 4: Now it’s the fun part…Gently scratch the corners and edges using the sheets of sand paper. You can do more or less distressing depending on how “shabby” you want it to look. The topcoat should come off easily leaving the basecoat to show through.

And there you have it folks... From drab to fab!
Meg :)