Tuesday, July 23, 2013


 The world seems to be spinning faster than normal with new alerts everywhere. I am guilty of being a lover of even the silliest of pop culture. Here's my top five pop culture treats :)
1. Of course, the chart topper is the Royal Birth. As far as I know there hasn't been a name, but this little prince is already owning it.

Baby nailed that wave. on Twitpic

2. Amanda Bynes was once known for her fun comedies, but now she's just another super confusing celebrity. I'm not one usually to feed off people's downward spirals, but my sister and I still regularly quote her lines from "She's the Man," maybe we'll get a comeback?!?
3. This guy is just awesome. Taking Vine into a Whole New World,  "Aladdin goes to New York" Vine

4.The Bachelorette is one of those shows that I love to hate. I spend the whole episode arguing with the screen, laughing at the dramatic music, and secretly wishing I was able to travel with them to all these places. Even in light of all those things, I am completely hooked. Check out the latest dish on E!

5. Last but not least, I'm sure it's the VERY important news you've all been waiting for, Miley Cyrus' parents aren't getting divorced.
....uhhh, yay for staying together.
I am fully aware that this in no way is news that is relatively important to live a successful life. I'm guilty for indulging. It's like eating sugary candy; you shouldn't do it all day but once in a while is fun ;)
XO, Jax

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