Monday, July 22, 2013

the ace

I am a lover of the weekends, traveler of sorts, and definitely a vactionist. If I could manage it I would constantly enjoy my euphoric lifestyle, but there is beauty in balance. So instead of living life to my last dollar, I got a grown up job and enjoy my time off even more than ever. Short and sweet vacations are the best of both worlds, you get to enjoy the stability of a nice home and still get to experience the vactionist lifestyle. 
My place of choice is Palms Springs. It's close enough for me that I can stay one night, and be back before Monday. The Ace Hotel is such a fabulous place to stay. It has a retro feel where you can lounge by the pool all day and enjoy a fresh cocktail. It has a way of transporting you to another time, where everyday worries are not invited. Also, if you're lucky enough you may see a little spontaneous synchronized swimming ;)

Tie Die wrap from Nordstrom BP, Floppy hat from Old Navy, Polka Dot twisted bikini top from Victoria's Secret, Sunglasses Coach

Floral Kimono Nasty Gal
Check out specials on The Ace Hotel website they run specials on off season. I didn't get a chance to check it out but the hotel also has a full service spa. Another recommendation is when you're lounging on the pool deck try some of their famous cocktails, my favorite was the "daily facial" which is as refreshing as it sounds! I hope this inspires you to go out and live like a vactionist, even if it's just for the weekend :)
XO, Jax

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