Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Maybe it's my half Italian roots, but there's something about pizza that turns me into a crazy person. Now don't get me wrong a good 'ole Papa Johns pizza is alright, but compared to this baby it's nothing! I decided to get a little creative with still keeping it pretty classy. 

I did not inherit the cooking sensibility that the rest of my family did. I am a trial and error person. I did find this whole wheat pizza dough from Whole Foods and thought I'd give it a try.

I just spread out the dough and sprinkled some flour on top then rolled it out to the size I wanted. 

Then I found my trusty ingredients; Goat cheese crumbles from Whole Foods and pasta sauce from Albertsons. With both of these ingredients I didn't measure just put as much as you want.... it's pizza art not rocket science ;)

Then I stopped everything I was doing and got myself a glass of wine. What was I thinking trying to cook without wine? After I pulled myself together I preheated the oven to 475 F. 

I also ripped up some of my fresh basil and put it on top. I also cut up 3 grape tomatoes (not pictured)

After 10-12 minutes of patiently waited for my masterpiece to be ready, I took it out and saw this beautiful weird shaped little pizza. In hind sight I should have gone to the earlier step and stretched it out a little more evenly. Live and learn.

It may have turned out a little goofy looking but it was so good. 

I mean realllllllly good pizzzza. If I could manage to make something this delicious even though I'm lacking the cooking master gene, then you can do it too! Enjoy it and enjoy your life, it's too short not to laugh a little.

XO, Jax

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