Friday, July 26, 2013

moscow muling it up

Ever since I attempted to bartend (bar tending dropout) I've learned that there's so much to making a drink. Like most young girls, I stayed in the sugary comfort zone of cosmos and margaritas for way too long. I've discovered that a fresh Moscow Mule kicks a cosmos' butt any day of the week.

I had the pleasure of making this fabulous drink with my equally fabulous friend, Diana. She's the real master behind the drinks, I just documented :)


First step is cut up cucumbers and put in the bottom of the glass. These heart shaped ice cubes are not required but highly recommended. 

Another very important ingredient is ginger beer. It's not gingerale and it's not root beer the drink is icky with out ginger beer, so make sure you get the right stuff.


Add vodka (of choice) and grate ginger root into the cocktail mixer. Slice limes, we used 3 halves. Then muddle together the three.

Add the ginger beer into the mixture, and serve. 

And most importantly of all, you MUST enjoy it! Highly suggest recreating this photo, because it was a beautiful afternoon.

XO, Jax

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