Friday, August 2, 2013

lorde and other music phenoms that are totally ruling

After flipping through the radio (yes I still listen to the real radio) I realized that while those catchy tunes are hard to resist, the under the radar artists are the ones that are really catching me.
1. Lorde- She's young, fresh, and from a place that still seems to resemble a magical land. Translation: she is a super rad chick from New Zealand. I got hooked on her Royals single, but after listening to her other songs it's only the start of my musical love affair.
This kind of lux just ain't for us.
2. Bastille-This song I stumbled upon while searching through 8Tracks (a music app that needs it's own post) They are really engaging and have a great melody that stuck in my head hours after. Bastille formally was a French military fort, now is a British musical group. Pompeii was released in January of this year, and I'm sure they'll be around for much longer.
3. Lana Del Rey- is totally the "it" girl. Her hauntingly beautiful songs are all the buzz, and praising her barely seems necessary because she's so good. I, for many many reasons, loved The Great Gatsby movie released earlier this year. The soundtrack was one of them. Miss Lana Del Rey totally captured the craziness that is Daisy.
4. Tame Impala- Actually pretty funny story how I learned about them. I met a random guy at a bar in Newport Beach, ended up hanging out after and looked at stars. He then insisted that we put on Tame Impala, at that time I didn't even know what language it was. I learned the language was Awesome, because that's what this band is. Thanks rando for the musical introduction :)
5. Miley Cyrus- I know she's as "in your face" as any artist can be, but I couldn't very well do a post about addicting songs without her new single. I literally can't stop singing to "We can't stop" I personally find this video funny, because she's obviously not taking herself serious and just having fun with her friends.
I hope you enjoyed this little musical treat.
XO. Jax

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