Thursday, August 1, 2013

mid summer dream plan

Pre-summer workout plans are like New Year's resolutions, a great promise to improve yourself but then you realize you just cheated on that diet or are getting as much sleep as a zombie. At Lively Jax, we understand that workout plans can sadly fall into that "should do" list instead of the "done" list.
Here are a few tips that have help revamp that mid summer work out.
1. The Original Plan: Workout everyday. Mid Summer Plan: Schedule workouts.
I seem to over commit and take on so much, then halfway through I realize I'm some sort of crazy person and need to reassess. My original plan was to get into gym clothes and show up everyday. With a new job and all the time responsibilities that, it was next to impossible.
 I open my calendar and look at gym workouts like appointments. I schedule swims, I plan out runs every so often, and do light workouts after work. Since I'm not getting into the gym like my original plan, I am taking the stairs in the office, walking to the grocery store, and running (literally) to the gym. 
2.The Original Plan: Eat a strict healthy only diet. Mid Summer Plan: Part time vegetarian
I adopted this plan from a roommate and friend, she saw all the health benefits of eating vegan but also saw that it's not as easy as it seems. She decided to go 85% vegan and just let the rest slide. I on the other hand, love my egg and cheese omelet too much to go vegan. So, I just went part time vegetarian.
 For breakfast and lunch, I keep my diet vegetarian by sticking with salads and morning granola, and at dinner I stick with fish or chicken breast. I am not candidate for structured dieting but being conscience of proportions of types of foods I eat has helped me eat much healthier. Letting myself eat small portions of what I craved helped me steer away from binges.
3. The Original Plan:  Get plenty of Beauty Rest. Mid Summer Plan: Rest when Possible
I don't know why I thought I would be getting plenty of sleep during summer because I constantly am staying up way too late, waking up early and then starting it all over again. I am a "yes" person, if you invite me to a party 2 hours away I'll be there. That in mind I have a over commitment problem, and my beauty sleep usually takes the hit.
 My new plan is to cut out T.V. for a book (helps my brain to go into sleep mode) On slow nights, turn in as soon as I feel slightly sleepy, and on late nights let myself sleep in a little bit longer by simplifying my morning routine.
My Mid Summer Dream Plan is really me just being more realistic about what is humanly possible, and what's not. I also see that eating healthy, sleeping, and working out isn't revolutionary, it's common sense. It's putting it into practice that's hard.
 I want to hear what your revamped summer plan is. Are there things you are doing that help you stay true to your original summer plan?
XO, Jax

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