Saturday, September 7, 2013

paddle board and yoga experimentation

 I had a thought that if I'm mildly good at yoga and I can stand up on a paddle board, then I should  be able to do paddle board yoga. In reality it was not so simple, but it was a lot of fun. We rented a few foam paddle boards from the local rental place and after using them for basic stand up, we got creative.

 Alex is naturally bendy and does yoga semi-reguarly. That is my justification of why she could do this and I couldn't :)
 Cristina and Alex used there synchro duet skills for synchro padle board yoga (the next big thing)

Over all I felt so relaxed and centered because using the paddle boards make you use your entire core. Getting experimental and silly made it fun. Go out and enjoy the last few days of warm weather and try out paddle board yoga, even if you just end up standing it's worth it.

XO, Jax

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