Friday, May 17, 2013

why the retro swim suit should make a come back...

Being a long time swimmer, I have worn almost every suit imaginable. Literally, google synchronized swimming costumes and you'll see what I mean. Although most of the different styles I've worn are for competition, lately I've been trying on, and loving, the retro style. While I am still a major fan of the classic string bikini, I will be bringing back the retro trend more than once this summer.

The high waisted look may seem a little overwhelming, but this one by Jantzen was a perfect fit for me. It hit right at my belly button so it hid some of my problem areas (aka love handles) and I paired it with a bright top from Victoria's Secret

This was taken in Orlando, Florida on a shoot with the Aqualillies. The stylist for the Lillies, Erica Rice, picked out amazing jewel toned one-pieces. The purple suit had a built in bra with removable straps and the teal one was fitted through the body also with a removable strap. Both flattering to any body type.

Even though this swimsuit from Target is pretty modern, it still has a twist of retro with the eyelet patterns on the edges. To make it a little retro (and to properly protect my face from the sun!) I added my vintage blue and white floppy hat. Perfect combination for Emerald Beach in the Caribbean!

XO, Jax

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