Tuesday, June 11, 2013


There's a little movie that entered infamy by singing the words "I'm gonna live forever." Fame is arguably the ultimate American Dream. Entertainment is one of America's major grossing exports and even though movies are rarely entirely shot in Hollywood, it's star performers still live forever. Here are some new starlets that I believe to be next to enter infamy and live forever. 

Anne Hathaway
We first saw her as a lovable princess in The Princess Diaries, and most of us thought, lovely another cute actress from Disney. Then, completely changed pace in Rachel Getting Married and Love and Other Drugs. After all that she transforms herself again in Les Miserables, singing gut wrenching ballads leading her to straight to the Oscars. She has throughly proven that not only is she talented but a true chameleon.

Lena Dunham

She has been proclaimed as the voice of a generation. She not only stars in the HBO series GIRLS, she is the driving force behind it. Her complete raw honest writing for the show has taken the series from a Sex and the City look alike to a complete new level. Showing no mercy Lena writes and acts life as it is for 20 somethings in this generation, and for that I believe she is just starting her reign over young Hollywood.

Jennifer Lawerence

She has starred in successful indie film The Winter's Bone, She blew competition out of the water with her blockbuster franchise The Hunger Games, and is co-starring in the breakout hit Silver Linings Playbook. She is changing how people look at actresses because she doesn't seem to fit any mold given to her. She's beautiful AND talented, she's starring in a huge blockbuster AND winning Oscars. She also doesn't seem to care too much about all of the fame. She is now seen as Hollywood royalty, but she still has managed to keep that 'I wish she was my friend' feel.

I, for one, am excited to see Hollywood return attention to talented people rather than fleeting trend setters. Hopefully these women continue to inspire me to keep breaking the mold, because the world needs more individuals and less remakes.

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