Tuesday, June 18, 2013

act like a kid

Summer is the perfect time to be silly. It's the time to hang out with friends, to braid your hair in crazy different ways, and sit in the grass and blow bubbles. I really try embrace silliness as much as possible. There is no need to go crazy and take it to the extreme but little doses of fun days are what makes life interesting.

This whole "YOLO" thing has it all wrong... it's not that you only live once, you live every single day and you really only die once. I'm changing it to "YOYO" you're only young once, so live it up.

Outfit: Sevenly "Land of the Free" t-shirt. Express jean shorts. Vintage jewelry. Bubbles and Face paint from 99 cents store. Vintage super cool motorcycle helmet. Make up by Tarte Cosmetics 

If you have any other fun ideas to inspire your inner-child please share below :)

XO, Jax 

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