Monday, March 31, 2014

rehearsals are FINISHED!

Every time I sign on to do a new synchro job I always feel like I am in pretty good shape, then I get in the pool for the first time and I absolutely DIE, then after a lot of work feel much better.

For the Yas Water World show with Aquabatix it's a tank show, which basically means that not only do you hold your breath for quite sometime you also have to keep yourself about 5 meters underwater. I quickly found out that my ability to float easily (which is handy for regular synchro) made this routine that much harder.

But once I got a hang of it by working with my awesome coach, Jaz, and duet partner,  Laurie, I felt much more comfortable and was able to perform a little bit more than the basic survival mode from the first couple of days.

I did my first few performances in costume with an audience and they each went well.  I was really happy to have the rest of the cast and backstage crew rooting me on and making me smile when I started looking a bit nervous.

Laurie, Anya, Beth, and me 

I'm excited now that rehearsals are done and I can say every last piece of energy for each show!!


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